NBA 2K21 – What You Need To Know About Season 4 Domination Mode

NBA 2K21 Season 4 is here and it packs a lot of activities and features. The expansion of Domination mode is among the novelties introduced in Season 4. This mode features a fourth tier that bears the name Heat Check. If that name sounds familiar you are onto something. It’s the name of the Heat Check collection and it’s making a return. Players are invited to create their teams and to take on the NBA. There are 30 challenges. Each challenge corresponds to an NBA team. There are also three All-Star teams to beat. Great prizes are set aside for those who complete the entire challenge, but you will be getting rewards for each win. The reward list includes statement jerseys, Heat Check players that are part of the team you just beat, and players from the Series 2 collection.

Let’s do a quick recap of the Heat Check collection. Players in this collection are dynamic items that can get upgrades. This depends on what happens in the real NBA. The player’s Heat Check card will get temporary attribute boosts. If you follow the NBA games, you can predict when a Heat Check card will get upgrades. This will help you manage your lineup and come up with flexible strategies for future games if they are against a boosted player. We’ve seen what Season 4 Domination is all about, now it’s time to check out the rewards.

Players that manage to acquire 99 stars in Season 4 Domination get ’06 Antawn Jamison as a reward. This card is a galaxy opal with 97 OVR and the point forward/small forward position. The stats are 91 outside scoring, 91 inside scoring, 87 defending, 86 athleticism, 68 playmaking, and 88 rebounding. Four more awesome cards are part of the Domination Grand Prize rewards list. ’72 Elgin Baylor is a pink diamond card. It has 95 OVR and the small forward position. The attributes are 88 outside scoring, 84 inside scoring, 83 defending, 91 athleticism, 77 playmaking, and 87 rebounding. ’56 George Mikan is a center/power forward player with 95 OVR. Mikan’s stats are 87 outside scoring, 93 inside scoring, 81 defending, 82 athleticism, 57 playmaking, and 94 rebounding. ’94 Roland Blackman has 93 OVR. He is a small forward/shooting guard that has 89 outside scoring, 77 inside scoring, 76 defending, 84 athleticism, 78 playmaking, and 53 rebounding. ’06 Nick Van Exel has 90 outside scoring, 76 inside scoring, 71 defending, 91 athleticism, 90 playmaking, and 44 rebounding. His OVR is 91 and his position is point guard/shooting guard. To build your best team, please visit MTStacks to get cheap NBA 2K21 MT coins.