World of Warcraft Classic: Who Are The Burning Crusade Main Villains? Part 1

Kil’jaeden also known as the Deceiver, Legionlord and The Beautiful One, is the demonic leader of the Burning Legion and the right hand of the fallen titan Sargeras. His in-game’s story spans as far back as 25.000 years in the past. He was one of the three Leaders of the Eredar on planet Argus alongside Archimonde and Velen whom he considered as a brother. Peace on Argus was unfortunately shattered when Sargeras made an offer of power to the three rulers. Kil’jaeden and Archimonde accepter the pact, while Velen held back and attempted to flee Argus with a group of Followers who later became the draenei.

Kil’jaeden is responsible for many disasters that befell Azeroth and the WOW universe in general. He is responsible for the orcs corruption and was the one who contacted the orc shaman Ner’zhul and planted the seeds of conflict in his heart. His schemes led to the orcs corruption and enslavement, which subsequently led to the orcs invasion of Azeroth. He also led the Burning Legion; and he is responsible for the creation of the Lich King. During the events of The Frozen Throne, he recruited Illidan Stormrage to perform a ritual that would allow him to destroy the Lich King and his frozen throne in exchange for great powers.

Kil’jaeden is a cunning and calculating individual who rarely acts without a well-defined plan. He heavily relies on his minions and lieutenants to accomplish his goals and rarely intervenes himself. It is said that he accepted Sargeras’ offer even though he knew what the cost would be and saw it as the only choice besides destruction. He hates Velen because he was courageous enough to stand against Sargeras. He has a large array of powers and abilities that he uses to reach his dark goals. Start to gather money to buy wow classic gold at goldpiles.